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Project Description
This is an Addon Nice package, see corresponding codeplex project.

LeadProspector manage prospection campaign with Microsoft CRM.
It is dedicated to sales team and call-center to make call out.
Campaigns are based on a two levels strategy: detection and qualification.

Lead Prospector uses and extends the CRM activities PhoneCall and Meeting, it also defines new entities: Interview, CallOutCampaign, CalloutParameters, Project, ProjectParameters.

Your work with Prospector starts by defining your campaign and the questions that will be asked to your prospects.
You define questions and type of associated answers (text, integers, decimals, lists, urls).
Each CRM user, acting as a project prospector will create phone calls, each phone call could be attached to an interview, this interview is a listr of questions to be addressed to his interlocutors.
A second level of calls will allow validating a potential project and will be confirmed by a second level of questions.

Detected projects are availables as new CRM Opportunities.

You need Addon Nice Server for Microsft Dynamics CRM 1.0 running.
Download the source code.
Build the Visual Studio Solution.
Publish it in a folder on your workstation and copy the resul in the Addon Nice Server web site mapping folder (preserve its web.config)
Use the Add Package feature of Addonnice to install this package in Addon Nice.
This package need a manual install of the javascripts needed in the PhoneCall activity, find detailled information in the doc folder.

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